Glocal Markets is a specialty tea company with a purpose. 

– We will work to provide a unique tea discovery experience that will have a GLOCAL (local and global) impact on the farmers and consumer. 

– This will include new teas and flavors as well as the story behind the tea – the people that benefit from each purchase.

– Rik (supportive husband) & Heather (founder) enjoy exploring the country and the world while hang gliding, helping people and trying new teas.


During our research phase, I spoke with David Moore, COO for Rahab’s Rope:

He stated

“The majority of the tea field workers are women. When a company leaves the tea business, a lot of the young women feel they have no choice but to enter the sex trade.  There is an auction for women where they are actually sold to bidders. It is usually a big deal when a tea field company goes out of business.”

I knew then this would be where Glocal Markets will “Make a Difference”.

The Story

The tea farms across the globe are beautiful lush gardens.  However, this beauty can mask poverty, abuse and even trafficking.

We believe in helping small farms be sustainable and care for their families by bringing their teas to you.  

Glocal Markets will partner with non-profits including HRGlocal and tea communities to help prevent, rescue and support healing for those who have been abused or trafficked, with every ounce of tea sold.

Human Trafficking & Tea – News

Did you know that Human Trafficking is the 2nd largest criminal activity?

Why?  Because people can be sold over AND over again.  

News about Human Trafficking & Tea:

Global Impact – India

India is the 2nd largest tea producer in the world.  Our first global partnerships will be with tea workers, tea communities and non-profits in India.

We have a special interest & connection to India as my grandparents were medical missionaries & started a small hospital.  As we grow, these specialty blends will help to us to travel there to develop partnerships.

Why Tea?

I grew up in Senegal as part of a missionary community.  There they have a tea culture called “Ataya”.  

It is a fun unique experience that started my love of tea! 

Ataya is a gathering, new & old friends, during which 3 rounds of black tea with mint and sugar are poured.  Each round increases the amount of foam.  Great status is achieved the higher one can go!